Iceland – Part 3

4 August 2015

Here is the continuation of our adventures in Iceland, with the most beautiful landscapes that it has given me to see!

DAY 4 VIK – Fjaðrárgljúfur – Jökulsárlón

Our campsite is in the heart of the mountains. To access it, last night, we drove in the middle of lunar landscapes on a gravel road, narrow, with strong climbs. In other words, we did not do clever! But luckily the road in the opposite direction is more passable, the atmosphere is more relaxed this morning in our small houses on wheels. We are especially eager to discover the landscapes that await us!


Around noon we arrive at our first stop: Fjaðrárgljúfur (bless you!). It is a canyon where in the middle flows a river (like the film). The heights can reach up to 100m! It’s really impressive, especially when like me you have a little fear of highs. There are some very narrow pieces of land that you can walk to get closer to (or crawl in my case). All the ground is covered with moss. It resonates if you tap a little on it, as if it was ready to get off the mountain.


Unglorious moment: I found myself a little surper and I was forced to sit down to calm myself down while everyone ran to the right and left to take pictures. Glorious moment: I overcame my fear and not only did I manage to take photos but I mostly posed for Jade at the edge of one of these cliffs.

We take the road after lunch to go to Jökulsárlón, further east. The landscapes that scroll through the window are beautiful. The road passes through deserts of black sands, lava fields, rocky fields, dunes … Even if sometimes you get close to the mountains and the glaciers, you have the impression of being in the middle of nowhere. At that time I have already decided to return to this part of the island next week and stop there….


The sky was covered while we were driving and it is “at nightfall” that we arrive at Jökulsárlón. It is darker than other days because of the clouds, it gives a magical atmosphere to this place already surreal.

Jökulsárlón, “ice lagoon” in English, is a lake where blocks of ice drift after being detached from the Vatnajökull glacier and before reaching the sea. The ice is so pure that it has a blue color. This is a whole color chart that presents itself to us.
This place is particularly favored by tourists who can make cruises on the lake and get closer to the ice. Fortunately for us, it is late and there is no one else. Well, almost because in the water I could see a seal!

Brooke bought some waterproof fisherman’s pants a few days ago, she put on several layers of clothing underneath (even though the icy water can not come in, you can still feel the cold) and over, she is wearing an old blue dress to go lay in the middle of the water. Nothing more normal among the Fromagis!


On the other side of the road there is a beach that leads to the sea. Blocks of ice are stranded on the black sand offering a striking contrast. There is almost no light. We decide to stay on the location to enjoy the show a little longer tomorrow morning. Then we will drive in the opposite direction to gently return to Keflavik. We still have 2 days together.



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