What I believe in

What you can expect

Photography is subjective, you can never capture "the" truth because there isn't only one truth.

So I'll capture my truth on your wedding day: a mix of big bursts of laughter, small gestures of affection, and cinematic scenes that I'll photograph with all my empathy, sensitivity and honesty.

What matters the most to me isn't having "Instagram-perfect" pictures, but to communicate the emotions of your big day so you can share them with your loved ones and relive them for decades. I want you to be able to recognise yourselves in the pictures; your expressions, your personalities. It is YOUR day, my photos should represent YOU.

The good thing about documentaries is there’s no need to know how to pose or stress. Just be yourself and enjoy your day — I’ll be taking care of the rest!

Discreetly, I’ll be capturing the big and the small moments. I'll tell you one or two jokes to help you relax, play hide and seek with your guests to naturally capture their excitement, and disappear from time to time to capture the details you put so much thoughts into.

Your wedding day is very important to you and I'll treat it as such, providing my best service and challenging myself to capture all those special and unique moments.

From getting ready with your best friends to the moment you hit the dancefloor, I can be there to capture your big day.

Tell me more about your wedding day so we can find the package that works for you!

While you're spending a special moment with your loved one at home or heading out on a special adventure, I'll capture beautiful and natural pictures to share with your family or keep as a precious memory just between the two of you.

Send me a message so we can organize a photo session and create memories together!