Iceland – Part 4

8 September 2015

I’m coming back to tell you the rest of my trip in Iceland. These are the last days spent with my friends before taking the road alone. The atmosphere is more about enjoying moments together than running to see new wonders.

DAY 5 Jökulsárlón – Skaftafell – Vik

This morning we woke up next to the ice lagoon. After some of us took a few more pictures (and I went to freeze my lower body in the freezing water), we headed back to Skaftafell National Park where we had hot showers (!). The park is the starting point of many hikes and especially those offering to walk on a glacier. We chose to take the short walk to the Svartifoss waterfall.

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This waterfall flows in the middle of the same basaltic organ that we have already seen on the beach of Vik. Jen posed in the middle of the rocks in front of the waterfall and became the tourist attraction. On the return to the motorhomes I tookmy time and the opportunity to take pictures of the surroundings.


After lunch, we continue our journey to come back to Vik. We pass again in the middle of these desert landscapes, covered with black sand. We can not help but stop to take some pictures. We also stop in the middle of the lava fields but since I decided to come back next week, I leave the camera aside and pose for Dawn.



Today is our last day all together. Some have their plane tomorrow and others will continue the trip with their friends or family. We decided to go to the Blue Lagoon and spend our last moments together. This spa is located between Reykjavik and Keflavik Airport. The water is heated by the geothermal power plant next and its seaweed content makes it a turquoise blue color. After a few hours driving and a 10 minutes stop on the road to see a waterfall, we finally arrived.

It is a highly touristic place because of its proximity to the airport, everyone stops there before taking the plane or just after the landing. The prices are exorbitant (35€ the entry). You can stay the whole day but there is nothing to do except staying in the water and making mud masks. One tip: keep your money to do something else, Iceland has so much to offer and the majority of things to see are free. If, however, you spend only a few days in Iceland and can not get too far from Reykjavik, and want to get there, REMEMBER TO BOOK (yes in capital letters just like that). The place has a limited capacity and so chances are, like us, when you arrive it’s full. You can only come in when people leave, and the people who book have priority. We did not know that and that’s how we found ourselves waiting 1h30-2h in the lobby. Our schedule being dictated by the return time of the motorhomes keys, we took advantage only a short time of the lagoon. It was fun to do all together but the price compared to the time spent there still remains stuck through my throat*.


For the 3 friends with whom I shared an apartment in Reykjavik, today is the last day in Iceland (well… the second last day, as Kory and Bonnie missed their plane in the morning). We spent the day enjoying being together, eating, shopping, and getting a tattoo. Just that. I do not know who launched the idea by seeing the poster of the tattoo festival that took place this weekend and we drew together a sign symbolizing the special relationship that unites us all. They were tattooed every 3 this sign. I was very enthusiastic to follow them but my reason got the upper hand: I make skin allergies quite easily, and get tattooed just before traveling alone in unsuitable hygienic conditions it’s not the best idea.

After a meal with the other Fromagis still there, we went back to bed early (strangely they did not want to miss their plane a second time). I got my rental car for next week and I can not wait to leave alone!


* In future articles I will tell you about equally magical places where you can swim for free.

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