BRITTANY : Dinan and Saint-Malo

26 August 2016

Here is the rest of my postcard from Brittany, with the visit of two cities and a curiosity (I do not tell you more and let you discover the pictures).

After discovering impressive cliffs the day before, I decided to visit a city (and search for salted butter caramel to bring back). A brochure was hanging out in my B & B with a cute picture of the Dinan covered market, and I thought it would take me a couple of hours brefore picking up a friend at the Saint-Malo station. As you can imagine, it took me (again) a lot longer!



Let’s be honest, at first sight, Dinan is not very pretty. There are some shops without any charm, but it’s before venturing into the old town and its many pedestrian streets. We can discover there old houses in stone or half-timbered, enlivened by pennants and flowers. Tourist shops but also craftsmen offer their products. It will be necessary to choose (or not) between Breton biscuits, homemade jams or pottery. For my part, I opted for some Salidou and Gavottes, these famous very thin biscuits that are made in Dinan precisely.




The city is built on a hill and extends to the Rance. The English garden and the ramparts provide a view of these different levels and you can realize how much nature is present in this city. The center is small, so you can just wander to discover its thousand charming little details.


The Jerzual street then the street of Petit Fort let you go down to the river and the port where you can enjoy a salted butter caramel ice cream (yes it’s an obsession). You can also rent a kayak to navigate on the river and it’s only because I was in a hurry that I resisted the temptation to discover the shores longer!



Before going to get my friend at the station, I took advantage of the little time I had left to visit the only cemetery boats of the Rance located close to my B & B!




Located in the municipality of Quelmer, at the end of the street of La Passagère, this open cemetery collect a dozen wrecks of boats. Those more or less dilapidated carcasses mark the passage of time. Some have almost disappeared, washed away by the tide. There are only a few “ribs” to remind them of their existence. Others serve as a support for artists and their paint bombs.



It’s quite magical and a certain nostalgia sets in by visiting these places.


After picking up my friend, we went to the “intramuros” Saint-Malo. Our first stop was obviously a creperie! The one we chose randomly was an excellent choice: the crêperie of Grand-Mère Alice. I recommend the salted butter caramel and melted chocolate, accompanied by a bowl of cider or Breizh Cola. This will make you a hearty but delicious snack!


We left then to explore a little the ramparts. The tide was low and people took the opportunity to walk between the ramparts and small islands nearby. On one of them lied the grave of Chateaubriand.


The rest of my stay will continue with a wonderful wedding, but for now I have finished exploring Brittany.
I would keep the memory of a beautiful region, which offer deep colors like pastel shades, and of course promises many opportunities to enjoy salted butter caramel! (#obsessiontotheend)








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Alucinante lugar, pegado en el tiempo, para disfrutar sin prisa.

Me encanta la idea de parar y disfrutar de un tazon de sidra, aunque
preferiria un whisky doble en las rocas.

Y por supuesto me fascina el sabor agridulce.

Gracias por las postales de cuento.

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