Hello You !

“Since I was a child, I tell stories.”

My name is Delphine Millet, aka “La Grande Rousse”, and I am a wedding photographer.

I grew up in the French Alps, between lakes and mountains, but it was mainly in books and movies that I escaped.
I could have been a writer, but I preferred the path of the image (which justified my passion for beautiful books and magazines).

Since I discovered photography in fine arts school, I have only one idea in mind: to capture the beauty of people who stand in front of my lens (beauty of which they are often unaware), to create images where they find themselves beautiful and in which they recognize themselves.

When a fresh wind blew over the wedding photography industry, I knew I wanted to get on board. Document this beautiful day in the life of a couple, far from clichés and frozen images. Capture the exchanged looks, the small gestures of affection and the big bursts of laughter. Tell the story of these couples so that they can relive these moments and share them with their loved ones.

Based between Berlin and Geneva, I enjoy travelling and will follow you everywhere.

If you want to know more about my vision, it’s this way!