Maëlle + Nikola | Winter wedding in Chambéry

29 April 2019

Some people want a wedding under the sun with a ceremony in the garden, and some people dream about a cosy warm wedding. Maëlle and Nikola are those people and they found the perfect place for their wedding: le Domaine des Saints Pères, close to Chambéry in Savoie and Geneva in Switzerland.

A very beautiful XIXe building with wooden beams, a fireplace in each room and enough space to accommodate a hundred guests.

What more to ask? Well, maybe some snow to complete the picture. And their wish was granted! Maëlle could have watched the snow falling from the window while she was getting ready.

The decor was not the only thing to bring warmth to their wedding: their friends and family concocted many surprises for them. The day and evening went by at a crazy speed, filled with dancing, music and laughter.

They will never forget their day for sure, and if they need a reminder, they only have to immerse themselves in the photographs I took for them.

Place, food and decoration: Domaine des Saints Pères, Montagnole (France)
Orchestre: Trubački orkestar Bojana Nikitovića NIKITOVCI Zürich
DJ: Dance Police