Lisa + Aloïs | Simple cool wedding in Geneva

5 May 2016

When the bride and the groom tell you they want a wedding that looks like them, just with family and close friends, and they have planned food trucks in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art, you know you’re going to take a lot of pleasure to realize the reportage of this wedding. And I had so much of it! This wedding looked in all aspects like Lisa and Alois: simple but elegant… and fun! All the details were well thought out and to fall for: from the elegant dress of the bride to the delicious food, from the paper decoration to the ephemeral tattoos for the youngs and the olds.

A perfect atmosphere to celebrate the happiness of these two….



Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05503Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05329Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05482 Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05522


Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-07055 Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-07041Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-07035 Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-07069 Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-07063


Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05899 Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05706Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05936Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05845Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-05668Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-tatoo Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-06066Delphine-Millet_Mariage-Lisa-Alois-06057



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