Laura + Gaëtan | Maternity photo session in Haute-Savoie

26 July 2015
Last week, as the overwhelming heat continued, I photographed a couple of friends by the lake. They are waiting a happy event and wish to have photographs to immortalize that period.


The lake is one of my favorite scenery. There is no need for staging or props, we can leave room for naturalness and simplicity. That’s what I like for this kind of photosessions. The exercise is not easy (especially when the models are themselves photographers!): make them comfortable, give indications, but at the same time know how to fade.

The evening light was sublime and gave soft hues to the landscape. It was a nice moment to share with them.

Delphine Millet - Laura + Gaëtan

Delphine Millet - Laura + Gaëtan

Delphine Millet - Laura + Gaëtan

Delphine Millet - Laura + Gaëtan

Delphine Millet - Laura + Gaëtan

If you also want me to take pictures of you during a pregnancy or a couple photoshoot, contact me to know my prices and availibilities.


Ce paysage d’une douceur absolue qui me rappelle la petite plage où j’ai appris à nager, une petite ville d’eau entre Suisse et France au bord du lac Leman…Me trompe-je ou est-ce bien là bas? Tombée sur ce site depuis le blog de Un invincible été, j’y ai admiré toutes les photos. Un travail à fleur de peau, hâte d’en voir plus…

Merci beaucoup pour ce message.
C’est bien là, ces photos ont été prises au bord du Lac Léman où j’habite. Le décor parfait, qui change d’ambiance en fonction du temps.

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