Iceland – Part 1

27 July 2015

In early June I spent two weeks traveling across Iceland. My trip took place in two stages: the first week I explored the West but especially the South with a group of photographer friends met last year, and the second week I also traveled the West and the South but alone. A memorable trip in a magical country.

DAY 1 Reykjavik

I’ve been waiting for this moment for months! My plane arrived the day before at Keflavik and I took a bus directly to Reykjavik. After dinner, tired, I preferred to go directly to bed and to get up early in the morning and explore the city. Reykjavik may be the Icelandic capital, but it seems barely larger than my small hometown. It does not take me long to find my way.



The streets are deserted on this Sunday morning. It gives me plenty of time to observe the colorful houses and windows. Street art can be found on every street corner. Even the signage is original.


After a tour in the pedestrian center, I decided to push to the old port. Gradually the area fills up, but I move away to try to reach the point closest to the other shore.


I discovered a kind of mound with a wooden cabin at the top. At the top I have a view of all the surroundings and Harpa, the auditorium of Reykjavik. The view of the mountains in front and the ocean reminds me of home and Lake Geneva.

DSC08550DSC08537 DSC08539

I’m going back to downtown to have lunch with some of my friends who have already arrived in town. Our reunion makes me leave the camera for the rest of the day.

We visit together the Kolaportið Flea Market. Kory wants to buy one of the famous Icelandic sweaters but even in second hand, the prices remain high. One consoles oneself by going to see the exhibition of the Museum of Photography of Reykjavik which is on the last floor of the municipal library. The exhibition is not big but I fall in love with the work of self-portraits of the artist Agnieszka Sosnowska.

In the evening we dine together* and we finish the evening in one of the bars of the city. It’s at 2am and the streets are finally animated. Too bad for us who have to get up early the next day. I go back to the youth hostel* to sleep while waiting for the start of our road trip.


* I reserve an article with the addresses that I tested and the advices that I can give you.

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