In family at the botanical garden

25 April 2017

On a rainy afternoon of March, we met at the Botanical Garden of Geneva. Marilyne, her husband, their two mischievous children, and me. We wandered in the tropical greenhouses where it was hot (sometimes even a little too hot) while outside the cold winter was still felt.

I love visiting the botanical gardens. It always feels very relaxed, as in a world apart. The vegetation offers a beautiful setting and the light is always very beautiful for the photos. I had already done some portraits a few years ago in the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of Geneva, and I had just visited the one in Berlin, so I thought it would be the ideal place to do this family photoshoot sheltered from the capricious weather.

At first, as always, the smiles were shy, it is not easy to feel observed by the camera. But quickly they disappeared to make space for laughters and joy. And finally everyone had a good time in the middle of the plants in this glass bubble. It will remain this afternoon, the memories of a happy moment all together and pictures to show the children later, when they’ll grow up.






If you also want me to take pictures of you during a family or a couple photoshoot, contact me to know my prices and availibilities.


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Love these! What a beautiful family and a fun day.