Iceland – Part 7

29 December 2015

Last episode of my adventures in Iceland. The pace is slowing down but the discoveries are just as magical.

DAY 11 Vik – Seljavallalaug – Seltun

I wake up with a jolt. I hear noise next to the car. It’s nothing. Other tourists who will see the plane. I put on my pants and go to Vik’s beach. It’s rainning and it’s cold. For me it doesn’t matter anymore. There is hardly anyone on the beach. I hurry to take my pictures. I no longer need to think about what I want to do, I follow my instinct.


I go to one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland. There, there are no schedules, no entrance fees, no showers but a magnificent view of the mountains. To access it you have to walk about ten minutes. I am not sure of the road and I turn back twice. I end up following a group of young people, and we arrive at the right place. It’s just sublime. The water is hot, not as much as in the river but enough to not want to leave it.

DSC01444 DSC01450 DSC01465 DSC01462

When I hit the road again, I begin to really feel the accumulated tiredness of the recent days. I stop to cook and take a nap in the parking lot of a petrol station. The advantage of traveling in van is that you can sleep anywhere and anytime!
I decide to get off and go to the swimming pool of a city a little further. I need a shower! The sky is blue and there is sun. It’s so nice and calm. I only have one more place where I absolutely want to go: Seltun. On the road, I stop at a cave that Lieke told me about. There are three holes in the ceiling and below each, a pyramid of snow. I’m trying to take a picture. It’s even more difficult than in other places because the snow makes me skid, I just manage to put myself in place at the last moment. Mud dirty my dress, it will have lived many adventures!
I am not convinced by my picture but at least I tried.

I take the road towards the far south-west of Iceland, towards Seltun. The road is long, straight, the sun is strong. I stop to take a walk at the edge of the cliffs. The sun is so high (it’s only 9pm!), I know I can not do self-portraits there anyway.


DSC01679 DSC01686 DSC01689 Delphine-Millet_Wonderland-12

Seltun is less far than I thought. The sun sets behind the mountains. The colors are extraordinary. The columns of smoke coming out of the earth and the sound of boiling water make this place even more magical. It’s not practical for staging, I have to stay on the pontoon if I do not want to melt on the hot floor. I end up finding an interesting point of view. A tourist triggers my device and then leaves with her group. I find myself alone. I still enjoy a little of this place before returning on the road. On the way I pass by beautiful landscapes that the descending sun sculpts, but I can not stop. I am so much on the reserve of my tank that I am afraid of not being able to restart if I stop. I finally find a gas station and immediately after I full my tank, I turn around to enjoy the sunset on the heights. I do not know why, but on a trip, every sunset or sunrise offers a spectacle so grand that it gives the impression of being the most beautiful you will attend, until the next at least.

DSC01692 DSC01695 DSC01699

DAY 12 Seltun – Reykjavik


This morning, I pack my bags. Too bad, no more staging. I’ve done a lot these past few days, more than I’ve done in the past year. I want to enjoy the day and let myself flow. I find gifts for my family and a souvenir for me. I visit Reykjavik, reminding myself of the moments spent here with my friends. I feel like I belong to this city. I sit in my favorite cafe and watch the people passing by. Icelanders are more or less easily recognizable: they give no ostentatious sign of cold (no jacket, shorts, …). I wanted to enjoy the city until the end of the night (!) But I’m so sleepy that I’m afraid to fall asleep on a sidewalk and miss my plane. So I take a bus to the airport and try to sleep in the lobby. A last Skyr on the plane and it’s over. Goodbye Iceland. I already miss you.


Coucou Delphine, j’ai lu avec plaisir ces derniers épisodes . Tu m’as définitivement donné envie d’y aller!!!
C’est sympa de découvrir tout ton travail de mise en scène derrière chaque photo, Quel talent! Continue!!

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