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21 August 2015
Céline + Raphaël | Couple photo session near the lake of Geneva
Love beautiful lover portrait couple simple natural photo shoot in the nature lake - Photographer in Berlin Geneva

I keep saying that “I am lucky” to photograph this or that person. I realize it and I change my words often to be less old-fashioned. And yet that’s how I feel, I feel privileged to witness the beauty and the love that comes from the people I photograph. Celine and Raphael went not against the rule. I fell in love with them through my lens from the first clicks. I could not stop photographing them. I didn’t dare to speak or to direct them because of the fear of breaking something. They offered me so much during these two hours spent together that I dare to say it: I am really lucky to have been able to capture that.



If you also want me to take pictures of you during a couple photoshoot, contact-me to know my prices and availibilities.

Quelle douceur. C’est si joli à regarder.

j’aime beaucoup le double portrait au creux de l’épaule de l’autre. les expressions des visages sont super belles !

Moi aussi j’aime bien ce double-portrait. Et aussi les photos lorsqu’ils sont assis sur les rochers sans prêter attention à l’appareil.

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