My name is Delphine Millet, a.k.a. La Grande Rousse, and I am a french wedding photographer based between Berlin and Geneva.

I grew up in the French Alps, between lakes and mountains, but I mainly escaped into books and movies.

Wedding photographer in Berlin Geneva couple portrait - Delphine Millet aka La Grande Rousse


I have always been sensitive and empathetic. I'm moved by light and beauty. I love playing with compositions and details.

In fine arts school I discovered the tool that allowed me to express my voice: photography.

I now use that tool to tell my stories and capture others' stories with my empathy and artistic point of view.


Photography is subjective, you can never capture "the" truth because there isn't only one truth.

So, I'm trying to capture my truth.

My photographs are a mix of minimalist composition, big emotions, quiet moments of beauty and cinematic scenes, sometimes with a little melancholy.

I capture moments that move me and I have the inner conviction that my work will move others too.

I play roller derby and have been part of a team for 7 years.