Price list


Every photoshoot is unique because everyone is unique. But all photosessions start the same way : a message to explain me what you want. We exchange about the location, about what you are waiting from this session, I help you to choose what you will wear (1 or 2 outfits) and I explain you how I work and my style.
Then comes the day of the photoshoot. We meet on the location we decided, we start to learn each other, we walk and talk so you are more relax, and while we’re talking I guide you to enhance you in the natural light. I let things go naturally and I am on the lookout for the moment, the expression which transmits your personality.
When the photoshoot is finished, I make a preselection of the images where you look at your best and which tell your story. You choose the ones you like most. I edit and retouch them to create a mood, a consistency between the pictures and to erase the tiny defaults. One to two weeks after, you ‘ll be able to download the images in high resolution.


“Feel Good” SESSION

Why wait to celebrate an union or a pregnancy to have beautiful pictures of yourself ? A photo session for yourself and just for yourself, to feel good in your body and in your mind. In a quiet place, outside or at your home, where you feel comfortable, together we realize portraits which transmit your personality and enhance your natural beauty.

Duration : 1h to 1h30
10 images edited and retouched in HD
Price : 150€*


An important moment to celebrate or just your everyday love? A photoshoot for two, between lovers, to immortalize your complicity or your pregnancy. Outside, in a location we choose together, you spend a precious moment in front of my camera to create pictures that not only celebrate your love but also tell your story.

Duration : 1h30 to 2h
20 images edited and retouched in HD
Price : 200€*

FAMILY SESSION ( 3 to 5 pers.)

Between school, activities and daily life, time passes fast and most of the time we realize too late that the children have already grown up. A photoshoot to finally have beautiful portraits of your whole family, to send to grandma, to frame in the living room or to look at in few years when they’ll bring their lovers. Few hours of laugh, playing all together outside, under the natural light, while I photograph snapshots and more classic portraits, one after one and all together.

Duration : 1h30 to 2h
20 images edited and retouched in HD
Price : 240€*


You are going to say the big « yes » in front of your friends and family, and you would like to have pictures of this magic moment ? During that special day, what matters to me it’s to photograph the emotions overflowing, the love and the joy sparkling. In a natural way, without posing, I take pictures of the important moments of your day, so they look like you. Price started at 1000€.


You like my universe and you have more questions, or you want to book a photoshoot?
Send me a message on that page or directly at !


*Travel expenses are included until 30km around Thonon or Berlin, then the price is increased 1€ by kilometer.