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24 August 2015
About this and that

I wanted to come here to write without having anything special to say, just for fun. Here are some thoughts that cross my mind right now.

Last Thursday, with friends, we went to see the reGeneration3 exhibition at the Elysee Museum in Lausanne before the exhibition ends. To do it we had taken the road and not the highway as I am used to. This journey of just two hours looked like a real travel. I am always amazed by the landscapes of this neighboring country. We stopped on our way to lunch sandwiches bought at the bakery. Quite simply. But the good weather, this view, gave me the impression that time had stopped. We would have stayed there all afternoon.

For a few months, I have been feeling that I have rediscovered the simple things: read a book, go on the road, see friends, ride a bike, watch my sister’s dog playing in the water, … I try to enjoy these moments. But deep down there is always some guilt. Could not I be more productive? Do not I have projects waiting? Something better to do?
But what is better? Better for whom? Better for what? Is it better to be able to show it on social networks or for me?

I am currently reading Susan Caine’s “The Power of Discretion”. A friend had lent it to me more than a year ago and it was while reading an excerpt in the magazine Simple things that I finally had the desire to dive into it. I did well ! I find myself a lot in her descriptions of introverts and especially hypersensitive. I understand a lot about myself. I’ll talk about it again when I’m finished.

I finally created an instagram account (@delphinemillet_)! But as I still have no phone allowing me to have the application, I will only load images taken with my camera. Is it cheating? My photos will be selected, slightly retouched, taken with a professional camera, while the network is basically to post images taken with a phone illustrating the “real life”. But I understood that the “real life” did not exist online, that obviously each moment and each photo were chosen to be or not part of the “show”. After all, the app itself has “filters” to make things look better. In short, I do not yet know what I expect from this new social network. Do you have any account suggestions?

Hello 🙂

Je suis tombée sur ton blog par hasard en fait pas vraiment, merci Trendy Mood. Et j’ai directe accrochée, d’une par la beauté de tes photos et surtout tes articles, j’ai hâte de suivre les aventures de ta petite caravane et surtout j’ai adoré tes articles sur l’Islande, je rêve d’y aller. Je compte m’organiser un road trip, du coup j’ai hâte de lire ton article sur tes bonnes adresses là bas ou même les gros points à faire/voir.

Continues sur ta lancée c’est vraiment cool ce que tu fais !
Je suis autant passionnée de voyage que toi, du coup je me consacre aussi un blog qui parle principalement des lieux que j’ai vu/visité, si tu veux jeter un coup d’oeil:

Au plaisir de lire tes prochains articles 🙂

Bonjour Maureen,
Merci pour ce commentaire 🙂
Il me donne envie de continuer et surtout de reprendre les articles sur l’Islande ! Je ne peux que te conseiller d’y aller, ce pays est magique.
A bientôt.

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